04 May 2010

Social Networking Sites Beat Online Journals

Beware, Facebook can kill the author. It turned out that facebook has changed many things. Not only the style of interaction, but also our passion in writing. The presence of facebook really makes the teens addicted. Addictions teenager will this make to decrease their interest in writing an online journal or blogging.

Decrease in the writings on this blog because there was an explosion in social networking sites like facebook that emphasizes short status updates on the personal, coupled with the instant style of teenagers are now making a facebook is suitable for their style as a new association.

Take a look at our campus, they are connected with Internet network. What are they open in the browser page? Certainly was predictable, the average Internet user on campus are updating their status message or friend is being Commenting on the status message. Only few of us who use the internet facility for something useful like browsing to find additional materials courses, online learning, open the newspaper or online news sites, etc, including writing an online journal or blog.

Got a facebook account is fine, but do not be addicted to making facebook activities is a priority. Let’s use facebook as well as medium friendship and promotional event our blog writings.


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