Kuin Floating Market - Banjarmasin

Banjarmasin is one of two floating markets in this planet. To experience Banjarmasin you must take to the river, either by “klotok“ (river bus), or a speedboat for longer trips.

Rumpiang Bridge

Rumpiang is a small village in the Barito riverside. But, now Rumpiang is also a name for a big size bridge with 753 m length accross the Barito river. The bridge constructed to shortcut an access from Banjarmasin to Muarabahan.

Me and My Cats

I had many of cats in my home town. I grew up them cuz they were my lovely pets.

The Real World

I am The Captain of an oil tanker that travels through your veins, when you are lying half asleep in your room, unaware if it is midnight or afternoon.

Fire and Ice Collide

Reality is a lovely place but I wouldn't want to live there. From green belt balcony, the wildfires look so pretty. To the ruby redwood tree, and to the velvet climbing ivy, panited all mahogany, I'd never leave if it were up to me

10 January 2012

New Vega R

Air Brush Grafis


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