18 May 2011

Morning Wake Trouble

I do not understand why some people are very hard waking up early in the morning. But actually they are trying to get up. I know that because almost every morning I hear the alarm from the phone that they set the alarm time to wake up every morning. But strangely the alarm so it is not useful because he reads every 10 minutes and unable to build a regulator of the alarm.

Events like this happen in my rented place, hehehe. They are my boarding house mate. I think they are no class schedules in the morning. Whether deliberately arranged or indeed of those faculty who do not provide lectures in the morning hours.

While I was in this environment, I would always wake up early because I will feel a great loss if it woke up late. For me, waking up is something very dear if it is passed. So fresh morning air to breathe heart's content and still not affected by pollution.

Let’s get up early ...!!


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