23 May 2011

1st Beef Burger I got

As I always write in my status message on one social networking, although sleep late at night but still woke up early. This article I wrote at 5:24 pm on 22 May 2011.

Why the new dawn of time to make this post? Because it was too tired to make this post last night. Yes, we just carry out a seminar "Learn Public Speaking, "where seminars are in great demand by people who wanted to be able to speak before the public.

This event is really draining a lot of energy and mind. To reduce stress, we take the time after the event finished for a little refreshing in a restaurant.

Not unexpectedly, there I get something I had long been waiting for. Beef Burger Namely, lol. Actually I never eat burgers. Understandably, I’m from outback of South Hulu Sungai. Hahahaha….


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