30 September 2010

House or Easy Speak

Sometimes I'm puzzling over which is more important between the down payment to buy a house or pay for English classes at the Easy Speak. Right now I'm still living in rented house. But not far from the housing complex was also recently opened a small housing with a down payment is very affordable.

I think, it’s better to buy a house instead of continuing to house canal contract. The cost of mortgage is cheaper than the house I rented was occupied. But on the other hand I also have to pay in easy speak, a non-English language courses are held at the post office.

After all home is a long term investment. So I took the decision to complete the home loan administration costs are then english course to complement the skills and qualities. Who knows could pursue graduate studies abroad (dreams that are too high) hehe. But I'm sure all that can be realized with hard work and sincerity. Hopefully this can be achieved. Amien.


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