27 December 2010

Hamalau's Roundabout Will be Changing Shape

Photo: Bpost

Hamalau's roundabout which is one of the entrance to the Kandangan City, District of Hulu Sungai Selatan (HSS) from Banjarmasin in the near future will be changing shape.

Regent HM HSS Safi'i said, after the renovation the roundabout will not only be architecture well, but more than that form also has elements of meaning with the anniversary.

According to him, because of the renovation related to day length so the circle of the roundabout should be 50 meters. "The figure of fifty that have deep meaning because it is the anniversary of HSS," he said.

At the roundabout, he said, there must be a high dome of the mosque twelve feet and two floors.

In addition to elements of the unniversary, at the roundabout that four poles with a Ketupat as an icon HSS.

Members of Parliament HSS Syamsuri Arsad say, Ketupat should be highlighted at the roundabout. "Although the usual form but there is meaning." he said.


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